Thursday, November 18, 2010

So behind!

I know, I know!  I am so behind on blog posts.  Originally, I wanted my next post to be of Alexandra's birthday, but I still don't have the pictures from the photographer yet so who knows when I'll get to that one!  Then, my computer crashed and I had to send it off to HP to get fixed (even though I haven't even had it a year).  When I got it back, I was devastated to find out that my hard drive corrupted and I lost everything on my laptop.  Luckily, I have copies of all of our pictures, but I lost all of my Flip videos of Alexandra.  I used the Flip to record all of her "firsts", among other things, and they are all gone.  I feel physically sick when I think about it because those videos were so special, but I suppose things could be worse.  I'll keep telling myself that anyway.  Note to self, buy external hard drive and back-up entire  computer from now on!  Here's a cute picture of Alexandra that I took when she turned 13 months to make us all feel better.